The Babadook

The Babadook (2014)
The ghost book child is considered as an old-fashioned ingredient. That may no longer cause the audience to panic However, this title film of Jennifer Kent is in no way spared. Because the subject was able to recreate the old-fashioned elements from the aforementioned into a ‘live’ horror of dazzling narrative rhythm. Beauty And using the sound of the movie to deceive the audience
Moreover, it conceals the dramatic detail in the horror film front, with the essence of the weak minds of people who lose self-control to pop. Demon hiding within And the anvil was transformed into another person The film features a superb show of two leading actors, both small and large. That play together giving life to the script

Laddaland (2011)
When it comes to “home”, it is a warm place for everyone, but a home where the parents’ family and two children move into new ones. This village Laddaland. It’s not like that. When the housewives in the birthplace are killed, you start deceiving the people of the village. Then change for A happy home turned into a haunted place in a vicious night

As Above, So Below (2014)
The souls of the afterlife, the underground city, the paranormal rock, it’s unbelievable that they all can be put in the same movie with a lot of excitement. The story of Scarlett Marlow, a hard-headed archaeologist dedicated to the search for it. Flamel’s Paranormal Rock In the morning that Can convert metal into gold Then can be used to treat ailments And when you go to meet Mysterious horse statue in an abandoned tunnel Which tells the location of the paranormal stone So you immediately went to search, as the statue had said. Without which you never know What awaits you are horrors and horrors that you can never imagine.

Unfriended (2014)
The story of Laura, a teenage girl who was secretly filmed an embarrassing video clip on social media. Until being shared and forwarded around This causes you a lot of stress. Until he decided to kill himself However, the story did not end there.
One day, while the group of teenage boys were on Skype, and Laura was dead, chatting on the computer screen. It has one goal: to find males, record videos and publish clips that cause your death. In which this group of teenagers had to find a way to survive And to blame for the fact that Laura is a real revenge ghost or a mysterious figure behind this.
Like that the movie uses the computer screen for telling the whole story. Which is so new (Although there have been some films of this genre coming out and followed) and the more I looked, the more I wondered, in the end, what lies behind all this horror, is it a person or a ghost? And to tell you the answer is the best. Actually, I want to show you. Who is it for?